Deep Blue Vs. Kasparov, Game 6

David M. Ewalt
Deep Blue Vs. Kasparov, Game 6

The Geek Picture of the Day captures the final showdown between two titans.

World chess champion Garry Kasparov, left, resigns his game against IBM's chess playing computer, Deep Blue, on May 11 1997, in New York. At right is Joseph Hoane, Jr., an IBM Deep Blue computer chess project team member.

The game depicted was the final event in a rematch series between Kasparov and Blue: When the man and machine first squared off in February 1996, Kasparov won the series, 4-2. But he wasn't so lucky the second time around. Kasparov's sixth-game resignation came after just 19 moves, and caused him to lose the series --a seminal event in the histories of gaming and artificial intelligence.

Kasparov didn't take the loss lightly; afterwards, he accused IBM's team of cheating, saying that they allowed human chess masters to reprogram the computer between matches, giving it an unfair advantage. Kasparov and Deep Blue never played again.

(AP Photo/HO)