Debris from Russian aerial targets shot down over Kyiv damages mall, house

Debris from targets shot down by Kyiv's air defenses over the capital during a Russian aerial attack overnight damaged the roof of a mall and a house in two Kyiv districts, a Kyiv official said on May 26.

In the city's Obolon District, debris damaged a shopping mall, but did not cause a fire or any critical destruction. Parked cars were also damaged in the district, Head of the Kyiv City Military Administration Serhii Popko said on Telegram.

In the city's central Shevchenkivskyi District, debris fell onto a house, damaging the roof and one window, Popko said. There was no information on any casualties at the time of publication.

Popko reported earlier that the city's air defenses had shot down all Russian targets launched at the capital overnight on May 26 during Russia's 13th aerial attack on the city since the start of May.

Likely in anticipation for a Ukrainian counteroffensive, Russia has in recent weeks unleashed a series of drone and missile attacks at Ukraine, apparently in a bid to tie up and exhaust Ukrainian air defenses, including the recently-provided American Patriot missile systems.