Debbie Reynolds Remembers Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in Las Vegas in 1958 -- Getty Premium

Despite a love triangle between Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher and herself, Debbie Reynolds looks back lovingly on her time with the late screen legend, someone she has called a friend since they were both teenagers.

Debbie spoke with Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush & Kit Hoover just hours after Elizabeth died at the age of 79 on Wednesday morning.

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"We were friends since we were 17. We went to school together at MGM Studios," Debbie, 78, told Billy. "Elizabeth was already a young great star and I came over to the studio when I was really young and we went to school together. [We] had a lot of fun together."

Their friendship continued into adulthood and even withstood their marriages and divorces.

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"I was at her wedding with Mike Todd and went through all her different turbulent times and even gave her my husband for goodness sake," Debbie said with a laugh, referring to Elizabeth's fourth marriage to Debbie's ex, Eddie Fisher.

Debbie said the screen legend's fight against HIV/AIDS is what meant the most to her in life.

"She was a very giving girl, really learned how to work for charity, worked for HIV, worked very hard because Rock [Hudson] was a great friend of hers," Debbie continued. "When all that happened, she joined right in and she worked really hard for that cause and it meant a lot to her. Her work and charity meant a lot to her."

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Debbie also remembered the actress cutting loose and having a good laugh - especially with a good-looking man by her side.

"[She loved] a good dirty joke. She was fun, she was rowdy. She liked to have a good time, she liked to have a laugh. She loved men, she loved Montgomery Clift and her best friends were always fellas," Debbie continued. "I wouldn't say [she had] a type, but she liked good-looking [men], like Michael Wilding was a tall, good-looking man and Richard Burton was a drop dead and wonderful, wonderful mind."

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Debbie told Billy that she last chatted with Elizabeth earlier this month.

"I spoke to her like two weeks ago and I said, 'Getting old is really sh**.' That's what I said and she said, 'It certainly is. It certainly is Debbie, this is really tough.' I said, 'Well, you just hang in there now Elizabeth and she said, 'I'm really trying, I'm really trying.'"

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