Death toll from drone strike on high-rise building in Odesa rises to three, people still may be trapped under rubble

Russia hits residential building in Odesa killing civilians
Russia hits residential building in Odesa killing civilians

Rescuers retrieved the bodies of three individuals, including a three-month-old infant, from the rubble, with seven others reported injured, including a child, the Interior Ministry reported on March 2.

The Interior Ministry continues the rescue operation, as there could be still people trapped under the debris.

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“Currently, there is information that five more residents of the high-rise building are unreachable, including the mother of the infant. Dog handlers are assisting in the search,” stated the Interior Ministry.

Earlier, Oleh Kiper, head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, reported that rescuers had discovered a survivor of a Russian drone strike. At the time of the drone attack, the man was in the building’s basement, and he is conscious and undergoing medical examination.

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Psychologists are on-site providing support, and heating stations have been established, as approximately ten residential high-rise buildings were left without heat supply due to the shelling.

During the attack on the night of March 2, a Russian drone struck a 9-story building in Odesa, resulting in the destruction of one of the entrances.

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