Death threats haunted Tarrant County elections chief Heider Garcia after 2020 fraud claims

Tarrant County elections administrator Heider Garcia resigned from his position in a letter dated April 16 after working for the county since 2018.

During his time as elections administrator, Garcia received death threats despite his work in ensuring election transparency.

In a 2022 letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Garcia cited threats he and his family received following skepticism surrounding the 2020 election results.

The state’s final 2020 general election results audit report recorded Tarrant County as administering a quality, transparent election.

What threats did Heider Garcia receive?

Garcia outlined instances of targeted accusations following the 2020 election in his 2022 letter.

  • Garcia said that Conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin did a segment on Newsmax about Tarrant County and claimed Garcia was a “Venezuelan born operative” that had fled the country.

  • The Gateway Pundit website tied Tarrant County’s Democratic voter turnout to Garcia’s hiring.

  • Texas State Representative Steve Toth tweeted “Meet Heider Garcia of SmartMatic as he’s grilled in the Philippines over voter fraud. He now runs election in Tarrant County Texas What could go possibly wrong?”

  • A Senatorial candidate in Florida tweeted “I want more intel on him ASAP” and later that “I need more on Heider Garcia”.

In the 2022 letter, Garcia said he saw threats on social media that said “HUNT HIM DOWN,” “@heidergarcia needs to leave Texas and the U.S as soon as possible,” “hang him when convicted from fraud and let his lifeless body hang in public until maggots drip out his mouth” and “What’s his address.”

Garcia said a Twitter account posted his address on Nov. 22, 2020 in response to a tweet from Sidney Powell, a former attorney to former President Donald Trump.

“We were lucky enough that my wife saw it as we were going to bed, and we were able to report it and have it taken down within 2 hours,” Garcia said in the letter. “Can you imagine the level of stress this put on us? I could not sleep that night, I just sat in the living room, until around 3:00 a.m., just waiting to see if anyone had read this and decided to act on it. The next days were the Thanksgiving break, I spent those days installing security cameras around my house and preparing response plans with my wife for worse case scenarios.”