Deadly Kramatorsk train station attack was launched from occupied Donetsk, says SBU

Remains of a missile near the Kramatorsk railway station
Remains of a missile near the Kramatorsk railway station

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 21

Expert analysis of the missile’s trajectory and other factors suggests that the single-stage guided solid-fuel 9M79-1 missile, colloquially known as a Tochka-U, was launched from the area of Donbas under Russian control since 2014. It carried a cluster munition warhead.

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According to SBU, Russian proxies in Donbas have had several Tochka-U launchers at their disposal for the past eight years.

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The SBU said the investigation of the attack is ongoing, and evidence is still being collected.

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On April 8, Russia launched two missile strikes at the Kramatorsk train station, where hundreds of civilians were boarding evacuation trains that would carry them away from the active war zone. World leaders have condemned the brutal attack, which was carried out with banned cluster munitions.