Deadly crash in Central Tacoma has residents worried about safety of intersection

Deadly crash in Central Tacoma has residents worried about safety of intersection

A deadly crash in Tacoma overnight. Now one man is dead, and Tacoma police say another man will be facing vehicular homicide charges.

The crash happened just after 12:15 am at 6th Ave and South Alder in Central Tacoma, with one car t-boning another. Neighbors say it’s the third significant crash here in about half a year.

As for the latest crash, yellow markings from investigators show the path the victim’s car took – stopping only after it hit Bento Teriyaki and Sushi, leaving scratches marks in the brick. A man in the red Toyota sedan died.

“There were people running from like blocks away to come help,” said Immanuel Satterwhite, who heard the crash and called 911.

People say the crash was so loud it woke them up.

Sumit, who lives nearby, said the impact had him thinking something had struck his home.

“Hearing too much bad sound and I’m coming running,” Sumit said. He said he saw people from a nearby smoke shop helping pull someone out of a gray Hyundai. It turns out that was the suspect’s vehicle.

But the victim in the red Toyota could not be saved.

“Other guy there, he already died,” Sumit said.

The family who owns Bento Teriyaki and Sushi says they arrived Saturday morning to find the aftermath. The owner said she spoke limited English and had KIRO 7 speak with her granddaughter, Loveleen.

“The glass and the car parts that were just scattered around here,” Loveleen said. The car hit the wall of the restaurant that leads into the kitchen but only left superficial damage.

She said she’s grateful the damage wasn’t worse, but she is thinking about the victim.

“I just wish they would’ve been able to survive the crash,” Loveleen said.

As for this intersection – KIRO 7 covered another deadly crash about a half block on October 29. The victim’s car ended up near 6th and South Cedar Street. In that case, it was a single-car crash.

“Everybody coming too fast, only this area I don’t know why,” Sumit said. He and Satterwhite said there was also a previous crash two weeks before that one.

Neighbors say there are plenty of lights - and even officers patrolling – but the recent crashes have them concerned.

“This is 6th Ave. - one of the busiest streets,” Satterwhite said. “People just gotta be more responsible, definitely,” he said.

The suspect – and the driver of the victim’s car – are in the hospital. Tacoma police say as soon as the suspect is well enough to be taken to jail, he will be booked for investigation of vehicular homicide.