Bloomberg appears none-too-thrilled in photo op with de Blasio

Dylan Stableford
Yahoo News

Bill de Blasio became the first Democrat to win the New York City mayor's race since 1989, defeating Republican challenger Joseph Lhota in a landslide vote in Tuesday's election.

So how does Mayor Michael Bloomberg feel about his soon-to-be successor?

Not too good, it would appear.

In an impromptu photo during his first face-to-face meeting with the mayor-elect, Bloomberg appears to be none-too-thrilled.

"U Mad, Bro?" is how Gawker captioned the image, taken by WNYC's Brigid Bergin.

"WNYC's @brigidbergin brings us this heartwarming photo of pals," Paul DeBenedetto ‏tweeted.

In subsequent photos, though, Bloomberg appeared to be less standoff-ish. "Bloomberg was speaking softly" to de Blasio, Bergin reported.