New 'Cinderella' Movie DIY Projects: Not Just Glass Slippers

Attention: Cinderella fans of all ages!

Thanks to Disney’s new live-action re-imagination of their 1950 animated classic, Cinderella is officially en vogue. From Academy Award-winner Sandy Powell’s glamorous costume designs to the Swarovski-made glass slippers for the upcoming film, the timeless tale of Cinderella proves to be a endless source of inspiration for those daily DIYs - and not just for us in the maker community.

In anticipation of the new film out March 13th, we’ve collected some of the best Cinderella-themed DIY projects you must try out for yourself and the family!


(Photo: Kelsey Elaine)

DIY Cinderella Carriage

We’ve all gasped at those elaborately carved pumpkin carriages Cinderella fans often make around Halloween and pondered the number of hours and tools it must have taken to complete them.

This simple project solves that problem and proves that less is certainly more. It’s amazing what a plastic pumpkin and some wire, paint, ribbon, and glitter can do to create an enchanting year-round centerpiece.

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(Photo: So Sew Easy)

Light Up Princess Dress

You will officially be known as someone special’s Fairy Godmother with this light-up princess dress. And don’t worry, since it is illuminated by battery-powered LED lights that never get hot, Cinderella-chic has never looked so good, safe AND affordable!

This is definitely a project for the more experienced seamstress, but a light-up ball gown will soon be every princess in the digital age’s biggest wish - making it well worth the time.


(Photo: polishartaddict)

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Nail

I’m absolutely obsessed with this nail art. It’s subtle, chic, and too easy not to try. Plus, the artist was kind enough to turn her process into a step-by-step GIF for this tutorial. This is the perfect last minute DIY to complete your look for anything from a black tie event to the midnight movie screening. I personally think it would be a great activity for the wait in line!


(Photo: Somewhere in the Middle)

DIY “Glass Slippers”

If you haven’t already, check out these amazing high fashion designer shoes inspired by Cinderella’s iconic glass slippers.

For at-home fans, this great upcycling footwear project is beyond simple. All you need is some Mod Podge and a generous amount of silver glitter to create your own wearable version of Cinderella’s glass slippers.


(Photo: savingsaidsimply)

Mod Podge Cinderella Slippers

Another creative use for the clear-drying adhesive Mod Podge is this DIY Cinderella Glass Slipper Craft. This crafter repurposed a Cinderella Little Golden Book and - believe it or not - a shoe-shaped dog toy to create this unique keepsake.


(Photo: Crystal Owens)

Cinderella Party Favors

These cardstock glass slipper and tiara party favors are sure to be the perfect handmade addition to your next Cinderella-themed event. Crafter Crystal Owens from A Pumpkin and A Princess made a few simple modifications to these Princess-themed decorations to create these adorable favors.

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(Photo: kigurumiart)

Cinderella’s Carriage Pop-Up Card

How magical would it be to receive this handmade card? It will surely warm hearts and satisfy any advanced maker’s need for meticulous paper-crafting. Take a look at the YouTube tutorial to see the project in action. If you are feeling more confident in your X-Acto skills, the pattern is also available for free here.


(Photo: Disney Family)

Gus Mouse Hole Cut-Out

For a kid-friendly paper cutting project, try this official Disney Family DIY project for an adorable cut-out of Gus, or “Gus Gus,” Cinderella’s most adorable and helpful mouse friend from the 1950 animated feature.


(Photo: gluesticksblog)

Cinderella’s Ball Gown Apron

The printable PDF and easily adjustable sizing makes this Cinderella ball gown perfect for beginning seamstresses of all ages. Want a pattern more similar to Cinderella’s brown work apron? You got it. Even better - it comes in 8 customizable Disney Princess styles so you can make one for every princess in your life.


(Photo: Shelby Goddard)

Crochet Cinderella Wig

A crochet Cinderella wig pattern may seem like a project you’ll want to let sit on the back-burner until Halloween, but it would work just as well as a midnight screening beanie to create for the kids or even yourself. Make all of the other movie-goers jealous and stay warm all night while looking like a princess in this elegant “up-do” cap.

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