Days instead of months: Defence Ministry approves drone samples for first time under new procedure

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry, for the first time, has approved new models of drones under a simplified procedure, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministry the other day, and shortened the relevant terms to a few days instead of months.

Source: This was announced by Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovations, Development of Education, Science and Technologies – Minister of Digital Transformation

Quote: "Acceleration and simplified admission of innovations to the front is the result of changes approved by the government last week. Previously, admission to operation took up to several months. Developments were tested for a long time, a lot of unnecessary meetings were held, and bureaucracy was reduced. Now admission to operation takes only a few days," said Fedorov.

"Drones will get to the front faster and will help soldiers hold the defence and destroy the invaders," he added.

Fedorov said the military has already tested and approved new models of Ukrainian FPV drones and reconnaissance UAVs.


Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers also boasted about simplifying the paper bureaucracy in the combat zone. Now, in order to write off destroyed or damaged military property and thus get a new one, the military will have to spend "several weeks" on paperwork instead of half a year.

The procedure for writing off drones was one of the last blockers that hindered the development of the UAV market.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers simplified the import of drones and the procedure for admission to operation and created special zones for testing UAVs. In addition, customs duty and VAT were abolished.

By the end of the year, Ukraine will produce tens of thousands of drones per month. This was reported by the Ministry of Strategy and Industry.

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