Daylight Saving Time and migration season a dangerous combination, CDFW says in warning to drivers

(FOX40.COM) — The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is warning motorists to be wary of animals following Sunday’s time change.

CDFW said that the number of vehicle collisions involving wildlife increases in the Fall after Daylight Saving Time ends.

According to the agency, the time shift coincides with the time of year when some mammals are on the move.

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“This time of year, large native species such as deer and elk are more likely to cross highways or roads during their mating season (rut), and black bears are on the search for food,” said Human-Wildlife Conflict Program Coordinator Vicky Monroe. “We ask drivers to remain cautious, vigilant, and aware of their surroundings while driving to help reduce this conflict.”

CDFW said that in 2019 nearly 400 people in California were injured collisions with wildlife.

CDFW advises drivers pay extra attention during morning and evening hours when wildlife is “most active.”

Motorists are also warned that if they see an animal near the road, others may be nearby.

Clocks will be set back one hour on Sunday at 2 a.m.

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