Day 16 - Mumbai to Nashik on NH 3

Jay Kannaiyan
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I was warned by many people that getting out of Mumbai would be excruciating but I got a route that connected the Western Expressway to the Eastern Expressway and then I was on my way to Nashik. The traffic thinned out and the ride was enjoyable. The highway went from an 8-lane to a 6-lane and finally to a nice 4-lane highway all the way into Nashik. As the road climbed up and over the ghats, in one section the highway split and I couldn't see the oncoming lane, so both the lanes in front of me were for just for sanDRina and we railed through those curves. 

I stopped at the summit and enjoyed the view down to the plains and watched as a cargo train emerged from a tunnel and crossed a bridge. I reflected on the fact that now I was well and truly heading into new territory. Before this, my exposure to North India was a short trip to Mumbai and a day visit to Delhi. So, every place from here on is a new experience in an old country, my country. 

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I reached Nashik and stayed the night with Mahesh, a contact through my father as he distributes organic farm products to the vineyards in the region.   

Watch the video of Jay's ride through NH3 to Nashik


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