Dawn of a new era: Barnes & Noble cuts Nook price by 63% in the U.K.

Tero Kuittinen
BGR News

Nook Price Cut
Nook Price Cut

Cor Blimey — beginning on Wednesday, British consumers are staring at a huge 63% price cut of the cheapest Nook eReader. The Nook Simple Touch price has plunged to £29 from £79. The Glowlight version has dropped to £69 from £109. This is not a permanent price cut, but a part of the Get London Reading literacy campaign. Nevertheless, the move is eye-popping.

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The best-selling biography of Margaret Thatcher is currently selling for £15 at Amazon.co.uk. This means that Barnes & Noble is now selling its cheapest eReader for less than twice the price of a popular hardcover book in the U.K. The era of an eBook reader as an impulse buy has now truly dawned.

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This is another nasty setback for Kobo, which continues hawking its own device for £99. The exotic niche of doomed consumer electronics devices in Great Britain will no doubt be dominated by the Nook this spring.

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