What If David Gregory Went to Jail Over His Gun Prop?

Alexander Abad-Santos
What If David Gregory Went to Jail Over His Gun Prop?

David Gregory is actually under investigation for showing a 30-round magazine to the NRA's Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press this weekend, and the prospect of Gregory going to prison is actually making a lot of conservatives very happy. There's no get-out-jail-free card in this meme, as far as they're concerned — only a point to be made.

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In case you missed Sunday's interview, Gregory concluded a testy exchange by showing LaPierre the same clip Adam Lanza put in his assault rifle for the Newtown shootings — the same kind that will be introduced for a ban along side assault weapons when the Senate returns in January. Gregory, of course, was doing this for dramatic effect. But he or someone on his staff could have been breaking DC's law on high capacity ammunition magazines by obtaining that prop. As Breitbart's Warner Todd Huston was quick to point out, the official law is DC Official Code 7-2506.01. Meet the Press is filmed in Washington, where these kinds of magazines get confiscated:

(b) No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm. For the purposes of this subsection, the term large capacity ammunition feeding device means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

In turn, Politico confirmed that D.C. police say they're investigating the situation. Quite the technicality, you might say, but the conservatives blogosphere is very pleased, because Gregory, in their minds, will prove a point about gun control laws. These are the most popular of those points:

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 If David Gregory doesn't go to jail, then he becomes a hypocrite about gun control laws:

If @davidgregory believes in gun control then he will submit himself to the 1-year jail sentence DC gun laws demand. #tcot #NRA

— Hillary Hype (@MaxTwain) December 26, 2012

David Gregory proves how strictness ≠ effectiveness:

ABC's @davidgregory's criminal actions today point out problem in bogus gun laws. You can go to jail for just doing even minor things.

— Dan Gainor (@dangainor) December 23, 2012

David Gregory just proves how useless an assault weapon ban really is:

So, @davidgregory, do you think DC's ban on assault weapons works? Cause it didn't stop you breitbart.com/Big-Journalism… #NoWayNRA #GUNCONTROLNOW

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) December 25, 2012

And well ... there's this:

Just call me the mocker==>@davidgregory aka just another dumbass. Enjoy jail.

— Dude (@NRAdude) December 24, 2012

There is also an official petition with 7,000-plus signatures to the White House asking for charges against Gregory. DC police haven't commented other than admitting that there's an ongoing investigation. And perhaps there's point to be made that this was made for filming purposes — you know, like a documentary. Not that that would make anyone happier.