Dave Clarke's Kewanee History from the Star Courier Archives

15 years agoFriday, Aug. 3, 2007

  • Duane Price at 2-under-par takes a slim one-stroke advantage into Saturday’s third round in the men’s division in the Kewanee City Amateur Golf Tournament at Baker Park. In pursuit of Price are Andy Dwyer and Craig Gustafson at 141. (Duane Price is now principal at Bureau Valley High School. Andy Dwyer is Executive Director of the Kewanee Park District, and Craig Gustafson is president of Union Federal Savings and Loan. If they only knew then… — D.C.)

  • An attempt to rob the State Bank of Speer Wednesday failed because the bank had closed for the day a few minutes before the would-be robber arrived. At 4:09 p.m. the Stark County Sheriff’s Office received a call from bank employees that a man wearing a mask and carrying a handgun had entered the bank’s outer lobby and tried to open the inside door before realizing it was locked, then fled. A 25-year-old Chillicothe man was arrested by Peoria police later that night in a stolen vehicle matching the description of the get-away car provided by bank staff. Video footage from the bank’s cameras also helped to identify the suspect and car.

25 years agoSaturday, Aug. 2, 1997

  • Kewanee resident Elizabeth “Luba” Rapczak woke up Tuesday morning feeling like the luckiest woman in town. She was the winner of Monday night’s Little Lotto winning $29,902 in the drawing. “Luba” has played the lottery faithfully at Fleming’s Short Stop, 220 N. East St. since they first opened and has won twice before on Little Lotto. (Cenex now occupies the corner of East and Third streets where the Short Stop convenience store stood at the time. The building was originally a 7-11. — D.C.)

  • Twenty-one-year-old Kewanee tumbling sensation Carrie DeValkenaere will soon add another country to her repertoire of travels. She will compete during the first week in September in the 1997 Into-Pacific Games in Durbin, South Africa.

50 years agoThursday, Aug. 3, 1972

  • The purchase of Kewanee Manufacturing Co. by U.S.Gypsum Co., of Chicago, was completed Aug. 1, according to Raymond F. Zang, president of the local company, Kewanee Manufacturing was established in 1919 and is a leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames and windows for residential and commercial construction.The local plant, on Burlington Avenue, is expected to be operated as a separate unit under the same name and management but as a division of Kinkead Industries, Inc., a major U.S.Gypsum subsidiary.

  • The annual swim show is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sunday at Northeast Park. Theme of the show is”Smooth Sailing” and students from park swimming classes will be featured. A synchronized water ballet will be performed by members of the class to the song “Theme from Shaft.” (“Shaft” was released in 1971 and starred Richard Roundtree as Black private detective John Shaft. The theme, recorded by Isaac Hayes, won two Grammys and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. — D.C.)

75 years agoSaturday, Aug. 2, 1947

  • A new ambulance built by the Superior Coach Co. on a Cadillac-75 chassis, is a new piece of equipment delivered Thursday to the Cavanagh and Schueneman funeral directors. The new machine has a wine tone metal finish and is fully equipped to meet all emergencies. Safety lights on the front and back are part of the modern design as well as the two-passenger capacity for emergency response. The unit is also fully equipped with air conditioning and heating equipment for year-round use. (Before the days of rescue squads and EMTs, funeral homes were the primary responder to emergencies such as traffic accidents, fires, falls, or anyt injury that required transport to the nearest hospital.— D.C.)

  • Two bus loads of Kewanee boys left the “Y” at 6 o’clock this morning to start the summer hybrid corn detassleing season. Approximately 600 boys and girls have registered for this work at the office of the Chamber of Commerce listing their age, height and weight. About five bus loads of Kewanee workers will be engaged at the Hunting fields near Geneseo. Henry County has 2,500 acres of corn devoted to this which is expected to continue for two weeks.

100 years agoThursday, Aug. 3, 1922

  • Phil Miler, Kewanee’s enterprising tire and automobile accessory dealer, has purchased the business of Hay Brothers at 201 N. Chestnut St., and will conduct it in the same place, having taken a lease on the building. Mr. Miler will continue his business at its present location at 205 N. Chestnut St., operating his new place in connection. Growing business has made it necessary for Mr. Miler to add larger quarters and the new purchase will enable him to meet increased business demands,

  • Harvey Keach suffered a fracture to his right arm last evening while cranking the motor to start his Ford touring car. Not realizing the extent of his injury, Harvey continued to drive to Galva as he had previously planned to attend the band concert there. The injury, however, caused him considerable pain when he reached there and before returning to this city, he secured a physician’s services. It was then discovered that his right arm was fractured near the wrist. Harvey drove the car back to Kewanee successfully. Notwithstanding the misfortune, he is resting quite well today at his home.

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