‘Dark Souls’ Series No Longer In Development

It’s the end of the road for the “Dark Souls” series in terms of development. Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has already announced that there are no more projects for the franchise while FromSoftware focuses on its other titles.

According to KeenGamer, Miyazaki recently revealed to Japanese publication Famitsu that the “Dark Souls” series is done for now, noting that no projects for the franchise are currently in development. Furthermore, the developer does not have future plans for another “Dark Souls” game.

In the same interview, Miyazaki labeled the series as “satisfactory.” “I can’t say I did everything. Like all the games I’ve directed, each Dark Souls title from the series has their own issues and failures. However, even with that premise, I believe that the Dark Souls series was satisfactory,” Miyazaki was quoted as saying by TechnoBuffalo.

Even though FromSoftware is clearing its schedule when it comes to working on the “Dark Souls” franchise, the studio would still be preoccupied with a lot of work considering that Miyazaki himself has confirmed that they are working on other titles. He also addressed whether the new titles would resemble “Dark Souls” in one way or another.

“I’m already working on several, so if I say what they are it would be a bit of a spoiler. One thing I can say is that nothing has changed for us when it comes to our stance on game production,” Miyazaki said. He then went on to explain that they are not conscious at all whether the game turns out to be similar to “Dark Souls” or not. All Miyazaki wants is to make something that’s “fun and worthwhile.”

Miyazaki’s statements come amid the release of “Dark Souls 3’s” latest DLC, “The Ringed City.” This is the last piece of DLC for the game, and it is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and the PC.

Dark Souls
Dark Souls

“Dark Souls” was recently revealed to be no longer in development. Photo: YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment America

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