Danse miserable: Group wants to make a funky remix of hellish Comcast calls

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Does misery have a time signature? That’s what open-Internet advocacy group Public Knowledge is trying to find out with a new contest that asks participants to take audio recordings from various nightmarish Comcast customer service calls and mash them up into a remix that will presumably be danceable and catchy.

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“We challenge YOU to remix Comcast’s repeated examples of poor customer treatment into something unique and creative,” Public Knowledge explains. “Take one or more of the recent highly publicized customer service calls with Comcast (or go to town with one of your own experiences) and let your imagination go to work. We want to see remixes, mashups, autotunes, interpretive dances — whatever you think of to broadcast these real customer service calls with Comcast.”

Public Knowledge says that it will pay off the winner’s most recent Comcast bill as a prize, so long as that bill doesn’t exceed $200. Yes, it’s sad that some people are paying $200 per month to Comcast but it is what it is.

Public Knowledge says all entries must be submitted by September 18th and that all “submissions should be made on SoundCloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, and tagged with#RecastComcast.”

Learn more about this exciting contest by clicking the source link below.

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