‘Dances With Wolves’ actor Nathan Chasing Horse hit with more sexual assault charges amid ‘cult’ allegations

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Authorities in Alberta, Canada, are pursuing Nathan Chasing Horse, a former actor known for his role in the movie “Dances With Wolves.”

Chasing Horse faces nine new charges, which include sexual exploitation, sexual assault and unlawfully removing a child from Canada who is under the age of 16, CBC reported.

An investigation into the crimes spanned several years, according to Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service, with one of the offenses dating to 2005.

Since his arrest in January, the actor has been held in a southern Nevada jail, where he already faced 18 felonies for sexual assault of a minor, child abuse and kidnapping.

According to court documents, Chasing Horse had been the leader of a cult-like group known as The Circle, and allegedly exploited his position to take underage wives and manipulate Indigenous families.

The prosecution in Nevada was paused as the actor appealed the state’s Supreme Court to dismiss the case.

Lawyers representing the actor, who portrayed a young Sioux named Smiles a Lo, in Kevin Costner’s Oscar-winning film from 1990, have argued that his accusers wanted to have sex with him.

Chasing Horse also faces criminal charges in Montana and British Columbia.

U.S. arrest documents show that, earlier this year, Alberta police received a complaint from a woman saying she was 15 years old when she was assaulted and taken to the U.S. as one of Chasing Horse’s multiple wives.

The woman said she ultimately returned to Canada because she was being physically and emotionally abused, according to the documents.