Dance Moms star warns about ‘Triangle of Death’ after infection

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(WJW) – Brooke Hyland, an original cast member on Lifetime’s hit reality show “Dance Moms,” is warning her TikTok followers about what’s known as “The Triangle of Death.”

Hyland turned to TikTok for advice after waking up with a swollen face after she said she tried to pop a pimple.

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“I’ve had this massive pimple for, like, two days, and it’s extremely hard and not poppable, one of those that hurts so bad. And I swear the inflammation around it has spread into my eye. So, if you have any medical experience, am I okay to just put on some ice and call it a day? Do you think it will go down or should I be concerned?” Hyland asked in the video, which now has 3.5 million views.

Many users on TikTok went straight to the comments to warn Hyland that it could be a staph infection in what’s called the “triangle of death.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the “triangle of death” is the area of your face from the bridge of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Popping a pimple in that area can lead to infection in your brain.

According to Cleveland Clinic Dermatologist Alok Vij, An infection in this triangle area of your face has a small chance of traveling right to your brain, because it is so close.

“There is the possibility for a facial infection to become an infection that impacts the rest of your body,” Dr. Vij said.

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Dr. Vij does say not to panic, and dying from infection after popping a pimple on your nose is very rare.

“Thankfully, it’s relatively unlikely,” Dr. Vij said. “But whenever there’s a violation of the skin and interaction with bacteria, there’s always a possibility for infection, which can lead to greater health concerns.”

Hyland posted a follow-up video and said, “I didn’t know that the triangle of death existed but now I do so I’m going to teach you about it. Hopefully, you can avoid ever having something like this happen to you, or worse.”

She continues by saying, “The moral of the story is just don’t pop anything in these areas. I saw a TikTok of a girl who recently passed away from something like this. I’m going to the hospital today because between that and your TikTok comments, you guys are scaring me.”

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In a third video, Hyland jokingly replies to a comment saying, “This got me thinking and I can’t decide what’s worse. The triangle of death because I love to pick my face or the triangle that I was ranked on every Tuesday,” in reference to her time on “Dance Moms.”

According to Dr. Vij, it’s important to monitor any infection on your face closely. If you start to feel symptoms including fever, shaking or chills, it’s important to see a doctor right away.

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