Dan Merica: Unclear ‘whether there’s going to be any blowback’ from debt ceiling standoff on 2024

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NBC News Senior White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, New York Times Chief White House House Correspondent Peter Baker, and Dan Merica, National Political Reporter at The Messenger, join Ryan Nobles to discuss debt ceiling negotiations between president Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the impacts a default could have on the political landscape in 2024. “I think if you talk to any campaign, Republican or Democrat, especially campaigns that are running in states that don't traditionally back their brand of candidate, the uncertainty is the concern,” Merica says. “You have no idea as a campaign operative, or frankly as Senator Sherrod Brown, how this is going to play out when it is actually voted on, whether there's going to be any blowback. And the people who will feel it the most are candidates like Brown who are in a state that has moved over time.”