Dalton restaurant fails inspection

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Mar. 28—The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) gave Jefferson's, at 200 N. Hamilton St. in Dalton, a failing grade of 67 following an inspection on March 20.

Inspector Yocelyn Flores recorded more than a dozen alleged code violations at the restaurant, including infractions deemed as "known risk factors for foodborne illness" by the department.

Among other alleged violations, Flores said grilled corn was stored next to raw shrimp, while several containers of various foods were stored on the floor without lids.

Flores also states that she "observed hand sinks in bar being used to toss ice and straws," and required hand sinks removed from dishwashers.

She also reports seeing handles in contact with food and baskets being used to scoop pickles.

She indicates those infractions are "repeat violations" at the establishment.

The inspector also claims that various pieces of equipment — including ice machines, microwaves and can openers — were not clean "and visible with accumulation."

At the site, the inspector also noted that a utility sink was not connected to a drain — an issue she said had to be addressed immediately.

Other violations reported included bathroom trash cans without lids, unclean kitchen fans and a back door that "is not self-closing and light is visible when closed."

According to DPH documents, a follow-up was scheduled on March 27.

A DPH report indicates the restaurant scored an 85 on the re-inspection, with Flores reporting four repeat violations at the eatery and two new ones.

The establishment previously scored a 91 on a Feb. 15, 2023, inspection. Prior to that, Jefferson's recorded a 100 score after a June 10, 2022, inspection.