Dalton police, fire release February data

Mar. 26—Data from the Dalton Police Department indicate that most crimes were down for February 2024 compared to the city's five-year average — but there are some wrinkles to the statistics.

As of last month, the department logged 135 year-to-date "Part 1" crimes, a mild downturn from the five-year average of 153.

Part 1 crimes consist of a melange of serious offenses, running the gamut from homicides, rapes and robberies to arson, larceny and motor vehicle thefts.

However, the department did log an increase in reported violent crimes, with the 2024 year-to-date figure coming in at 14.

The same figure a year earlier stood at just six.

Last month, Dalton's year-to-date tally of reported rapes was listed at three, while the number of aggravated assaults was 14.

Both numbers represent an uptick compared to the February 2023 stats.

Property crime reports, however, dropped from 149 circa February 2023 to 121 in February 2024.

From 2023 to 2024, reported larcenies decreased from 133 to 102, while motor vehicle thefts dropped from seven to three.

Reported burglaries, however, increased from nine to 15.

The violent crime clearance rate for February 2024 is listed as 43%, compared to 67% for February 2023. The property crime clearance rate for last month was 49%; a year earlier, the percentage held at 52%.

The department notes 43 Part 1 arrests as of last month. The same time last year, the number was 51.

As of last month the department tallied 2,726 year-to-date citations, a decrease from the February 2023 year-to-date total of 3,360.

Over the one-year period, calls for service decreased from 9,331 to 7,623.

The police department logged 751 total "Part 2" crimes as of the end of February, representing a marked drop-off from the February 2023 rate of 846.

Those offenses cover a broad swath, ranging from fraud, embezzlement and forgery to vandalism, drug possession and illegal gambling.

A total of 561 "Part 2" crime-related arrests were logged by the department through February 2024. A year earlier, the figure was listed as 803 arrests.

The number of drug possession-related arrests fell from 2023 to 2024, declining from 33 to 19.

Driving under the influence arrests, however, increased from 37 in February 2023 to 49 as of February 2024.

Through February, the department counted up 214 year-to-date vehicular crashes within Dalton, a roughly 3% decrease from the 2023 figures.

Sixteen crashes were reported along Chattanooga Road, with another 15 reported along Walnut Avenue. Eight crashes each were reported along Thornton Avenue and Hamilton Street.

Also in February 2024, the Dalton Fire Department indicates 314 total responses, 117 of which came from Station No. 1 alone.

Of the calls, 179 were for medical assistance while 19 were for motor vehicle accidents with reported injuries.

Ten calls involved automobile accidents with no reported injuries.

For February 2024, the department reports no fire-related civilian injuries or deaths, nor any for department personnel.