How Daisy Ridley became an executive producer for ‘Young Woman and the Sea’

When Daisy Ridley joined the film Young Woman and the Sea, based on the true story of American swimmer Trudy Ederle’s quest to become the first woman to swim the English Channel, she’d already landed the starring role — but there was one more title that came later: executive producer. Ridley and co-star Tilda Cobham-Hervey tell Yahoo Entertainment about the “deep collaboration” that happened behind the scenes.

Video Transcript

I was not executive producer initially, and actually that journey began because I had, um, notes about the script, one of them being I wanted to really punch that relationship between the two sisters.

It was such a story of togetherness, and even though what Trudy did was a feat she had to do alone, she was so supported in that.

So the whole thing spoke to me.

So I had a zoom with all of the creative team.

Everybody heard me.

Jeff Writer.

Oh, amazing, wonderful man.

I was always heard and encouraged and really treated like a partner.

I think that deep collaboration is like what brings about real change.

Do I think that's what this story tells so beautifully?

If you have a dream or something you really want to do, it does require finding your people to help support that everyone is capable of doing amazing things by themselves.

But when you get to the end of a journey or whatever that may be, you want to turn and go.

Wow, we support each other on this journey, so my thing would be to find like minded people what I really learned from it as well is to be bold enough to have a dream that can be outrageous, like to have the ability to say what you really want.

I think that still can be hard for women, and I think to be able to reach for something, even if the opportunity isn't there right now like to be able to reach for what you really dream of doing.