Daisy May Cooper recalls "terrifying" ghost ordeal

daisy may cooper attends the 2023 bafta television awards
Daisy May Cooper recalls "terrifying" ghost ordealKarwai Tang - Getty Images
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This Country star Daisy May Cooper has recalled a "terrifying" ghost ordeal which forced her to move house.

The Taskmaster and The Masked Singer star recounted the story on a Christmas special episode of BBC's ghost podcast Uncanny with Danny Robbins, titled The Haunting of Daisy May Cooper.

During the episode, the comic explained the supernatural incident that occured in her large, recently-purchased country house while her friend Sarah was staying over in a top-floor spare room.

"She told me in the morning she had heard what sounded like somebody breaking into the house," recalled Daisy, adding that Sarah was "so frightened she phoned her boyfriend".

taskmaster   daisy may cooper
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The Drag Race UK guest judge went on to explain that everyone who has stayed in that same room has had a spooky experience – whether that was hearing voices, the smell of cigarettes, the shower being turn on or even 'shadow figures'.

She then went on to explain that even the pictures on the walls moved around by themself.

"It’s not like they just fall off," she explained. "It’s like somebody has taken them off and placed them in different places."

Daisy then added, "That's quite terrifying," before revealing a further spooky occurence seen by her father.

daisy may cooper attends the 2023 bafta television awards
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

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In a brief guest appearance on the podcast, Paul Cooper said that he saw a figure walk past the window of the house – which is behind a security gate and code.

"I would guess 40s to 50s, he looked like a well-to-do person with a short haircut, moustache and country coat," said Paul.

Daisy also explained that she received a text from her housekeeper saying that they'd seen a man dressed as a Roman in her house while Daisy wasn't there, and the noise of a small child running around.

"It’s so funny and it’s so ridiculous, and I know what people think when I say it and how stupid it sounds, but I saw what I did and the sound of that thing coming in was terrifying," Daisy said.

"I can’t ever get the sound out of my head. It was horrible.’

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