'The Daily Show' Says Only Prince Harry Can Save Obama from Scandalgate

Esther Zuckerman

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart brought on Senior White House Correspondent John Oliver to break down just what went wrong for President Obama at his first major press conference since the scorecard of scandals broke out in Washington. Turns out, Obama had the wrong British wingman. He shouldn't have had David Cameron up there to fend off questions about the IRS and Benghazi, according to Oliver — Prince Harry, the man who gave early American host John McCain his "first erection since 1983," would have made all the awkwardness disappear: "Prince Harry is in town, Jon. Right now that's the Brit that you want," Oliver said. "Not the pasty MP from West Oxfordshire."

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But it all comes down to why the Brits rely on royals in the first place: "Why do you think we still have the royal family, Jon?" Oliver explained. "They serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, except as a pleasant distraction. Please understand, Britain is miserable, Jon. We're in a double dip recession with a prime minister that absolutely nobody likes the only thing that gets us through the day are the comings and goings of a genetically attenuated obsolescence and their collection of tremendously silly f--king hats."   

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