'The Daily Show' Explains Scalia's DOMA Logic

Esther Zuckerman
June 27, 2013

John Oliver celebrated the news out of the Supreme Court yesterday by waving a rainbow flag and singing an adapted version of Les Misérables' "Do You Hear The People Sing?" But he brought on Samantha Bee to explain just what Antonin Scalia was thinking in his dissent.

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Bee explained that Scalia doesn't think it's right for the court to strike down a longstanding congressional law. When Oliver chimed in that Scalia helped bring down a key section of the Voting Rights Act just the day before, Bee said: "Like I said this is a firmly held belief of Scalia's that he has held for approximately 36 hours."

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She continued, "In his defense there is a substantive difference between the two cases. If you'll permit me some legalese, John: He did not like the Voting Rights Act so he ruled against it, but he did like DOMA so he ruled for it. It's what lawyers call the principal of waaaaaaaah." 

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