The Daily Dirt: September 17, 2012

Toronto to Install 8,800 Solar Panels

A joint partnership between the city and Toronto Hydro will see 2,600 megawatts of solar panels installed.

Solar Coming to Bahadurgarh Rail

The train station in Bahadurgarh, on the outskirts of Delhi, will be solar powered after Northern Railway installs 20 kilowatts of capacity. 

Summer Arctic Ice: Gone Within a Decade

Images from the European Space Agency satellite Cryosat-2 suggest summer Arctic ice could cease to exist in ten years.

Solar Theft Growing Worldwide

Theft of solar panels and batteries is increasing worldwide as solar slowly develops a black market.

Haliburton Misplaces Radioactive Fracking Tool

A seven-inch radioactive cylinder used to assess fracking sites has been lost somewhere in Texas between Pecos and Odessa.

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