Dads' Love Song to ‘Future Baby’ Is a Success


Nearly three months after Joey Famoso and Joe Morales posted their ‘Dear Future Baby’ parody video on YouTube — in an aim to reach a birth mother searching for a family to adopt her child — they made the connection that brought them son Jackson. (Photo: Joe Morales)

The “future” baby that Joey Famoso and Joe Morales sang about looking for in their parody of Megan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” has arrived! 

STORY: Dads’ Adorable Love Song to Future Baby 

The Minneapolis couple made headlines with their “Dear Future Baby” video, which went viral soon after they posted it on YouTube on Feb. 20. Now, they tell Yahoo Parenting, they’re thrilled to share that they’ve come to a happy end in their year long search for a child to adopt. The men welcomed son Jackson Rudy about two weeks ago, a day after the child’s biological mother gave birth. 

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“I feel like we won the lottery,” says Morales, 33, who traveled out of state with Famoso, 31, to meet their baby boy and bring him home with them to Minnesota 15 days later. “He’s just so sweet.” 


(Photo: Joe Morales).

Jackson’s birth mother (whose identity Morales and Famosos wish to keep anonymous) clearly thought the same of the dads. It was through their video and Facebook page that she learned of their desire to adopt. 

“It’s surreal and just phenomenal that it all happened that way,” says Morales, who has met the woman’s family and hopes to maintain the relationship they’ve kindled with a semi-open adoption so that the family can be a part of milestone moments in Jackson’s life. “He will know that he’s loved from us and from his birth family. The decision that she made to give Jackson up in adoption is an act of love, that’s for sure, and he will definitely know that.” 

Considering all that the new dads have been through trying to become fathers, Morales says, “We definitely believe now that everything happens for a reason, and at the right time.” 


(Photo: Joe Morales).

They had, after all, become parents just before Thanksgiving — for a heartbreakingly brief period of time. The couple was chosen by a woman to adopt her child, and joyfully attended the baby’s birth, only to be told the next day that the mother had a change of heart and would be keeping the child. “We know that if the November situation didn’t happen the way it did, we wouldn’t have made the video, and we have to wonder if Jackson’s mom would have ever found us,” says Morales. “I really believe that it all aligned the way it was supposed to. We have the child who was meant for us and the hiccups on the road to him just put us on the track to him that we were supposed to be on.” 

Yet they still wanted to honor their first, albeit short, stint as parents. So Morales and Famoso gave their son the name Jackson, after the name of the city they were in during that fateful November. “We love the name and it also shows us that by persevering, we were able to have our perfect little gift,” says Morales. “The meaning of Jackson is ‘God is gracious and has shown favor,’ so we just thought, ‘This is the perfect name.’” 

Things at home now are pretty idyllic as well — even if Jackson is still at the stage of waking every three hours. “Life as we know it has changed,” they wrote Monday in an announcement updating their 18,000 friends on Facebook about Jackson’s birth. “And I’m happy to say that it’s all for the better — our heads are in the clouds and our hearts are in the palm of our son Jackson’s hands.” 

The message was an important one to offer online, says Morales, as a gesture of thanks for the support that they got from their social media campaign. “There were days we were getting 75 messages on Facebook from people pledging their support, people with infertility issues sharing their stories, and people who were adopted themselves,” he explains. “All of it was so encouraging and exactly what we needed to keep us moving forward. Now to see this full-circle continued support as we celebrate our joy is just amazing. I only hope it will inspire other folks waiting for their perfect little one.” 


(Photo: Joe Morales)

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