Dad's controversial 'free a-- whoopins' sign divides the internet

The internet is divided over a dad’s controversial post about spanking. <em>(Photo via Facebook)</em>
The internet is divided over a dad’s controversial post about spanking. (Photo via Facebook)

A father from Indiana is going viral after his Facebook post offering free spankings sparked an online debate.

Many parents did not take kindly to Dwayne Stamper’s social media post, which showed the dad sitting in a chair with a paddle next to a sign advertising “free ass whoopins.”

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Parents, your kids need a whoopin? Summer can’t end fast enough? Stop by, I’m set up! No kids over 13… They may whoop me,” he wrote.

With more than 34,000 likes, 9,800 comments and 180,000 shares, there were many positive reactions.

Are you still passing out ass whoopings… will you come to Texas?” wrote one user.

You’re my hero! Kids are so not being held accountable these days. High five to you and may you help at least one family gain control of their kids,” added another.

But many parents had questions about his post.

You sit around offering to whip other people’s little kids… What a weirdo,” commented one reader.

There’s something undoubtedly wrong with anyone who wants to beat another person’s child. Weirdly perverted and sick. Much less go through the trouble of setting up your elementary school level ‘stand’ and sitting there,” said another.

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In a separate post, Stamper attempted to explain his post. After a recent meal was interrupted by a crying five-year-old, he felt inclined to confront the family. He also wrote that spanking, something implemented on him as a child, is the best form of punishment.

I had to put my two cents in and tell them a good crack on the ass with a belt will fix the problem, trust me! My parents never let me cry in a store and especially if I was crying because I didn’t get something I wanted,” he wrote.

“Parents if you let your child act this way, you’re the problem with our snowflake society today! You don’t have to beat your child but you do have to show them others in this world don’t wanna hear their crybaby little ass!”

People were quick to correct the Indiana father, explaining that his method may not be as effective as he thinks.

I’m also an adoptive mom and several of our children came from horrific abuse and neglect. I urge you to consider the fact that even suggesting physical punishment in front of them, would further wound them and instill greater fear. I’m not anti-spanking. But you do not know every child’s story and inserting yourself in any way other than to be a positive attribute in a dark situation, is just completely unnecessary. Snide comments over your meal being interrupted is simply not helpful,” wrote one critics.

A study by the American Psychological Association found that spanking can lead to increased defiance, aggression and anti-social behaviour.

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