Dads Against Predators ‘lured’ man to store before gunfire, NC cops say. Warrants issued

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Three members of the group Dads Against Predators “lured” a man to a store before gunfire erupted — and now warrants have been issued in the North Carolina case, officials said.

The group members are accused of using the Meetup app to get the man to come to a Target store in Winston-Salem. When the man arrived on June 28, all three members started to beat him on the head repeatedly, according to the city’s police department.

The 25-year-old man reportedly pulled out a gun and fired a shot to try to stop the attack. The gunfire injured one of the accused attackers, but the assault continued until the group took his gun and ran off, officials said.

Now, months later, arrest warrants have been issued for all three men identified as suspects in the case. The man who had previously been identified as the “victim” by officials also is facing warrants.

In response to McClatchy News’ requests for comment about the warrants tied to the shooting at its Hanes Mall Boulevard store, Target shared an emailed statement.

“I can confirm we’re aware and will continue to provide law enforcement with any information needed for their investigation,” a spokesperson wrote.

The day after the shooting, a man went to an Ohio medical center with a gunshot wound to his leg, officials said.

Then less than a week later, officials said that man and two other people were responsible for the Target store attack. The three men — from North Carolina and Ohio — were part of a social media group called Dads Against Predators, McClatchy News reported.

Officials said each of the men was issued a “warrant for arrest for simple affray” last month. One of the men reportedly turned himself in on Jan. 3 and is scheduled to be back in court later this month.

After he was beaten at the Target store, the 25-year-old man went to a hospital with minor injuries, police said. He now faces warrants for simple affray and carrying a concealed handgun, according to an updated news release.

On Jan. 10, the Winston-Salem Police Department didn’t immediately respond to McClatchy News’ requests for additional information about why the man is being charged.

An investigation continues, and officers ask those with information to call them at 336-773-7700, Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800 or the Spanish language line at 336-728-3904. People also can text 336-276-1717 or share tips online.

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