Dadbods That Are ‘Too Hot To Handle’

Dadbod. Whether you have one or know someone who does, there’s no denying that dads with “real” bodies (often the result of a dusty gym membership and too many pizza delivery orders) are hot right now.

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To celebrate the “Dadbod” in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, BuzzFeed has put together a hilarious video tribute called “DadBods That Are Too Hot To Handle” with the team at Awkward Family Photos.

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There’s the guy who’s “too cool for school” (he’s lounging shirtless with his — clothed — family), the dad who’s “showing baby how it’s done” (giving new meaning to “skin-to-skin”) and a man who shows off his dadbod in holiday photos — holding a (seemingly) embarrassed baby. Enjoy.

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