Dad threatens school principal over kid’s homework and is arrested, Ohio cops say

An Ohio father was arrested earlier this month after being accused of threatening his son’s principal over the amount of homework he was assigned, police said.

The 37-year-old Oxford man repeatedly called Kramer Elementary School from Feb. 29 to March 1 using vulgar language and making demands, despite being told to stop calling, according to an Oxford Police report.

McClatchy News is not naming the father to protect the identity of his child.

“He wanted his kid to spend more time with him and not do homework,” police said in a March 6 Facebook post.

The father threatened the Kramer Elementary School principal, saying he “better put his big boy pants on,” according to police and media reports.

The man redirected his phone calls to the Oxford Police Department, officers said.

“He calls dispatch, I think it was 18 times, roughly,” Oxford Police Detective Sgt. Adam Price told WXIX.

“Officers promptly went to his residence and arrested him,” police said.

The father was charged with telecommunications harassment and menacing, according to police reports.

Oxford is about a 40-mile drive northwest from Cincinnati.

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