Dad Builds 160-Foot-Long Crazy Straw for Daughter, Proves Best Gifts Are Homemade

Cool dad and curator of the Tumblr page ideasfromeverywhere decided to give his 5-year-old daughter a birthday present she would remember for a good long time.

“Instead of giving her more toys, I wanted to give my daughter a happy memory,” he writes.

While spending a sunny day in their holiday home, he went about creating a 160-foot-long drinking straw while his daughter took a nap on her special day.

Fast asleep, the little girl had no idea her dad was linking hundreds of straws together. The epic creation traveled from the outside dining table all the way down the stairs and onto the patio pillows where she was dreaming away.

The dad doesn’t reveal his name on his blog, but his pictures tell the charming story.

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He also has a message for other parents.

“Stop buying your kids crap toys. Believe me, memories last longer than any toy,” he writes. (He does add one funny caveat: “except Playmobil, you can never go wrong with Playmobil.”)

We couldn’t agree more.

According to Dad, as much as his daughter loved the contraption, she had equal amounts of fun tearing it down. At 5, who could blame her!

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