We’d Double Tap That: The 25 Hottest Instagram Accounts

Molly Mulshine

Instagram is notoriously puritanical when it comes to steamy content. Searching for hashtags like #hot and #sexy will yield zero results because the photo sharing app blocks them. Not to mention, nudity is prohibited and you can find yourself banned just because of one measly little nipple.

Not only is this no fun, it's also a shame because we're sure the Rise filter would do wonders on most people's bare booties. If you're hankering for a sexed up news feed, though, look no further. Betabeat has done the dirty work, circumventing Instagram's odd hashtag blackouts and finding the 25 sexiest accounts.

They may not be as explicit (and, uh, informative) as the ones we found on Twitter and Reddit, but these accounts run the gamut from muscle bound yoga instructors to beauteous lingerie models. Check them out. Thank us later.