Top Czech general urges readiness for "bad scenario" for Ukrainian counteroffensive

General Karel Řehka, the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Republic, believes that Ukraine’s upcoming counteroffensive against the Russian Federation will not necessarily change the situation on the battlefield, and is urging people to prepare for a protracted war.

Source: Řehka in an interview with Bild

Řehka said the most important prerequisite for the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive is not the equipment provided to Ukraine, but the "will of Ukrainian society", which in his opinion is "still very strong".

"I personally believe that we should be ready for a bad scenario – a long war," the Chief of the Czech General Staff added.

According to Řehka, this means the West will have to support Ukraine with weapons for many years.

"Each country has its capabilities, potential, and characteristics. We must work together as one team, with everyone trying to contribute within their capabilities. And we must listen to Ukrainians. They know best what they need," Řehka believes.

For this reason, the Czech general is calling on Europe to provide Ukraine with more than just weapons and military training: "No less important is our will to support Ukraine on all fronts: morally, diplomatically, financially and in other areas, such as education, culture, reconstruction etc.

We must be able to explain to our public that supporting Ukraine is morally right and a necessary investment in our own security and defence. And there is a struggle in the information space. We must not underestimate this," he added.

"The Russians believe that time is on their side. We must show them that they are wrong," the Chief of the Czech General Staff concluded.

Background: According to the media, in May, Ukrainian troops began "formation" operations ahead of the long-awaited counteroffensive against Russian troops.

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