Czech court to rule on Russian hacker extradition in prison

PRAGUE (AP) — Czech authorities say an extradition hearing in the case of a Russian man who faces charges in the United States of hacking and stealing information from computers at LinkedIn, Dropbox and other U.S. companies will take place next month in a prison.

Prague Municipal Court spokeswoman Marketa Puci says the May 11 hearing will take place at Prague's Pankrac prison, where Yevgeniy Nikulin has been in detention, due to security reasons.

Thursday's announcement underlines the sensitivity of the case.

Czechs arrested Nikulin in Prague on Oct. 5 in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation after Interpol issued an international warrant.

Moscow also wants him extradited on a separate charge of internet theft in 2009.

Russian officials had previously said they were working to prevent his extradition to the U.S.