Cyclone Phailin Leaves Path of Destruction: How You Can Help

Cyclone Phailin is the strongest storm to hit India in over 14 years, with winds measuring up to 125 mph. While initial reports indicate that India's immediate response to the crisis—forced evacuations and building shelters—saved countless lives, the storm will no doubt have a devastating and long-lasting effect on these communities.

Even from thousands of miles away, you can help these families rebuild their lives. Here are a few ways you can support organizations with teams on the ground: 

International Medical Corps has set up an emergency relief fund that delivers vital emergency health care services to India, then helps these communities recover and rebuild through training and education. Contribute to Save the Children as they protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families. They’ll also use a portion of your contribution to be ready when the next crisis hits. The Salvation Army World Service Office uses 100% of your donation to provide disaster relief operations for Indian families. Help Oxfam American as they provide clean water, sanitation supplies, and shelter materials to these devastated communities. Donate to CARE, an organization that brings emergency relief to the victims and helps families survive poverty and crisis. Support World Vision, which serves more than 18,000 sponsored children and their communities through development programs in the affected region. GlobalGiving has set up an emergency fund supporting organizations on the ground in India.

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