Cyclone Freddy death toll rises above 400

STORY: This is the path of a landslide, triggered by Cyclone Freddy, as it bore down on a village in Malawi.

Homes in Mtauchira were swept away on a tide of water and mud.

Residents say 32 people died and 18 are still missing.

The death toll, across Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar since Freddy first made landfall in February, continues to rise.

Over 400 people are now confirmed killed.

That's after one of Africa's deadliest tropical cyclones in recent years circled back to hit the region for a second time at the weekend.

For the survivors, thoughts are now on how to rebuild their lives whilst still haunted by the devastation that was unleashed.

At a school in Mtauchira, Chifundo Mwayi was among residents receiving food parcels from the government on Thursday (March 16).

"It will be hard to go back to that place in peace. Because what we heard and saw then will always be in our minds. You feel like you can still hear the people screaming. It was really frightening because we are living under the mountain and it will always remind us of the water coming from there."

The storm has now dissipated, though heavy rains are expected to continue in parts of Malawi.

In Mozambique, some villages have been completely cut off since Freddy made its second landfall.

A spokesperson for the disaster relief agency there said boats and other means have been mobilized for search and rescue.

By this time people will now be starving, he said, and in need of food and medical assistance.