Cyclist and scooter driver duel it out on the highway

Cyclists and scooter drivers share the same roads and have the same problems with traffic and other motorists. Generally, they can relate to each other and they are even friendly when they meet. But occasionally, the rivalry that lurks beneath the surface rears its head and you get competition between the two. Scooter drivers seem to shake their heads at cyclists using a mode of transportation that is so much effort and makes you sweat so much. And, in most cases, the scooters are at least a little bit faster. The victory on this level is sweet for the scooter enthusiasts. Cyclists also look down their noses ever so slightly on a mode of transportation that requires power. It's also unreliable because a flat battery can leave you with just your legs to get you home. Suddenly, those powerful and speedy scooters have become heavy bicycles that cannot be ridden nearly as fast as a road bicycle. The tables then turn and the cyclist can rejoice in the fact that their pure sport now provides them with the victory. On a sunny day near Peterborough, Ontario, a scooter driver on the gravel shoulder checks for traffic and then pulls out onto the road. He must not have realized that he's pulling out in front of an oncoming cyclist. Or maybe he simply thinks that he will accelerate with his more powerful machine and the cyclist will never be seen again. Dave, the cyclist sees this as a challenge and he pedals up close behind the scooter, preparing for what is going to be an epic battle of the two machines and the two drivers. He craftily sneaks in behind and drafts, saving his energy as the two make their way along at the scooter's top speed of 32km/h (20mph). Dave will wait for the moment where he can pull out and leave the scooter in the dust. His helmet camera records the action and we can see the scooter driver and his case of Coke Zero only a few feet in front. Dave also decides to take a selfie at this point. The scooter driver looks to his left and obviously sees Dave's shadow on the road. He does a double take and takes a swerve onto the shoulder, likely shocked that someone is silently following right on his tail. Before Dave can crank up his speed and pass, they encounter a hill. The scooter has a surprising ability to maintain speed, while Dave struggles to pedal his bike. He loses ground, as well as the advantage of the draft, and Scooter Boy speeds up the hill. Dave pedals on and a few minutes later, catches up as the scooter driver stops to drink some of his Coke. Dave speeds past with a smirk. Scooter Boy rockets up the hill and past Dave, sporting a smirk of his own. Dave can't take this and pulls out to the left for an impressive, and very shortlived burst of speed that clearly shocks the scooter driver. Dave's legs have had it and the victory is short lived. Scooter Boy makes a final pass, Dave admits defeat and the scooter heads off into the distance. Dave will get his own bottle of Coke Zero and find the scooter driver another day for round two!

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