CycleService will start cross country bike trip in Yorktown Beach and donate 200 bicycles along the way

CycleService will kick off its first cross-country bike trip on Monday. It will stop in four cities, donating a total of 200 bikes to children.

“Our team grew up in a pretty rural area, and biking was critical to our development as human beings,” said Lucas Beyer, director and co-founder of CycleService.

CycleService’s mission is to make biking more accessible and foster a love of the outdoors.

Beyer and childhood friend Nick Clark will start their journey in Yorktown at 9 a.m., where Trek Bikes will be handing out giveaway items to attendees.

CycleService invites other riders to bike the first 10 miles from Yorktown Beach to Williamsburg. From there, the two CycleService team riders will continue their journey, with their first stop in Charles City.

Beyer and Clark will make visits to four different cities: Charles City; Knoxville, Tennessee; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Ventura, California.

CycleService has partnered with Schwinn Bikes to provide bikes to 50 kids at each city stop. They will build their own bike, participate in safety workshops and learn about bike stewardship. At these community events, called Resurgence Rides, local riders are encouraged to ride with the CycleService team and the kids receiving their new bikes.

Their trip will conclude with their last event on Aug. 26 and 27 at Patagonia Headquarters. Beyer and Clark will fly back from Ventura to their hometown in Buffalo, New York, to host one more ride.

This is CycleService’s first year, and it hopes to do a cross country bike trip annually.

“We set off on this mission to make cycling more accessible and hopefully change the world one bike at a time,” Beyer said.

You can follow their journey on social media: @cycleservicetour on Instagram and CycleService on Facebook.