The CW Takes You to New Worlds at the Last Big Upfront

Esther Zuckerman
The CW Takes You to New Worlds at the Last Big Upfront

Someone must have told The CW that teens like fantasy and sci-fi, because the fifth network's new shows, which they are presenting at the final presentation from the lower channels at TV upfronts week, are decidedly out of this world. We've got romance between humans and aliens, X-Men-esque superheroes, and a tale about a young Mary Queen of Scots. We're here at the New York City Center with the latest from the big reveal, perhaps with a first glimpse of what's going to be your newest guilty pleasure. Stay tuned below — under our interactive now-and-then schedule — for live updates and first-look video clips. 

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  8:00 p 8:30 p 9:00 p 9:30 p 10:00 p 10:30 p
Monday Hart of Dixie Beauty and the Beast
Tuesday The Originals Supernatural
Wednesday Arrow The Tomorrow People
Thursday The Vampire Diaries Reign
Friday The Carrie Diaries America's Next Top Model


The Presentation

10:32 We've arrived at City Center and a sassy vioinlist is accompanying a DJ. We're kind of digging it as she rocks along to the likes of Robyn, Katy Perry and MGMT. 

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