CVS Fears Real-Life ‘Breaking Bad’ Scenario, Briefly Requires I.D. to Buy Nail Polish Remover

First they came for our Sudafed. Now nail polish remover—various formulations made primarily of acetone—might be under lock and key.

This week, reports came down that drugstore giant CVS will ask for a show of I.D. if you’re buying nail polish remover, requiring customers to be at least 18 years old to tweak their at-home manicures. (Or, you know—just tweak.) Some covet nail polish remover for its acetone content, which is one of the common chemicals used in meth production.

While it seemed to be a decision made across the board, today various news outlets are reporting a decision reversal. Apparently, you still have to be an adult to buy remover in Hawaii (and apparently, both remover and iodine products in Los Angeles, Hawaii and West Virginia), but it appears it’s safe to shop in Kansas, Florida and Minneapolis…though this report from CBS says the chain has completely changed its mind, leaving everyone free to change their nail color without restriction.

But as an open discussion on the Oakland Press website pointed out, “You don’t need your I.D. to steal it. That might create a bigger problem.” You know what they say: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And when you have a chip in your freshly painted nails? Hell hath no fury like a manicuree scorned.

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