Curran says Pritzker must ‘correct course’ in upcoming budget address

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — In just over a week, Governor J.B. Pritzker will give his annual budget address.

The state has enjoyed several years of financial stability, including growing revenues and several credit upgrades, but the coming fiscal year brings some unique pressures. The governor’s own budget team has projected a deficit in the coming fiscal year, and the state is grappling with what kind of money they could put towards helping Chicago deal with the influx of migrants that were brought to the city in the past year.

Senate Republican Leader John Curran said he wants Pritzker to reassess his priorities with this budget. In an appearance on Capitol Connection, Curran said he wants to see the state roll back policies that make the state more welcoming for immigrants.

“The budget is a list of priorities,” Curran (R-Lemont) said. “The governor in his time has prioritized the non Citizen community, and in his in his six years in office, that has gone from a $1 million a year annual spend to over $1 billion a year spent in that category. The governor has definitely placed that at the top of the priority list ahead of Illinois residents. That’s where the course correction needs to happen.”

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Curran and Senate Republicans are in the super minority, but last year, they indicated that they were given a seat a the negotiating table. That seat did not result in any republicans putting votes on the budget, but Curran is optimistic they will be included again in negotiations.

“As we’re going to hit more fiscal constraint in right now we’re looking at a deficit, I think there’s more of a role for Republicans to come in,” Curran said. “And maybe we’re going to shift a little more to where the Democrats even with their super majorities actually need us to get that budget over the finish line.”

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