Curbed Maps: Mapping the Very Best Art Deco Sprinkled Around D.C.

Sally Kuchar

[Photo of the AFI Silver in Silver Spring via Flickr user Kevin Harber]
Mid-century modern gets a lot of love in the capital, but its older cousin Art Deco headlines on swaths of real estate too. Think of the style, which reigned from the 1920s through the early 1940s, as a mash-up of futuristic, Machine Age deets (lots of chrome, ziggurats) and Arts and Crafts (curvy shapes, warm marble accents). Find this Gatsby-esque glam on buildings both expected (movie palaces!) and quirky (an ex bus station). The map's after the jump, and do let us know in the comments if we missed some Prohibition-era pretty. - Jenn Barger

Click here to view the map.

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