Curbed Maps: Mapping 50 Years of the Beatles in Los Angeles

Adrian Glick Kudler
Curbed LA

[Image of the Beatles arriving at LAX via Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection]

It was 50 years ago last Saturday that the Beatles played their first show in Los Angeles. (They'd arrived in the US in February 1964 to play The Ed Sullivan Show and a few concerts, but came directly to the West Coast for their first US tour in August). Bob Eubanks, a 26-year-old KRLA DJ and proprietor of the Cinnamon Cinder nightclubs at the time, mortgaged his house for $25,000 to pay for the concert (he says he only made about $4,000 because he had to pay for so much security) and tickets—priced at $3 to $7—sold out in three and a half hours. The Beatles returned to Los Angeles on their August 1965 and 1966 US tours, and all four members have visited and lived and made history in LA over the decades since. Here we've mapped some of the most significant Beatles-related sites around Los Angeles, from the band's first rental in Bel Air to the house where they dropped acid with Peter Fonda to John Lennon's "Lost Weekend" retreats:

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