Culvert replacement and asbestos removal costs approved by county

Guernsey County Commissioner approved two projects this week dealing with a culvert replacement and removal of asbestos materials.

Zemba Bros. of Zanesville will replace for a 16-foot culvert replacement via underground directional drill at 12342 Freedom Ave., in Kimbolton. The estimated cost for the project including the installation of a catch basin and restoration of disturbed areas with seed and mulch is $36,978. The estimate does not include fees and permits.

First Choice Staffing Services LLC of Columbus will remove approximately 1,500 square feet floor tiles containing asbestos and an equal amount of carpeting from the Juvenile Probation Department at the Guernsey County Courthouse. The cost of $8,600 is to be paid from the County Building Fund and include fees, supplies/material labor and waste removal.

This is part of the renovation plans for the Juvenile Probation Department will undergo. Commissioner previously approved V2 Architects to do the renovation at a cost of approximately $18,000, which is to be paid from the County Building Fund.

When the work starts this summer, the juvenile probation department will be relocated to a county-owned office building at the corner of North Fourth Street and Wheeling Avenue until the work is complete.

Additionally, the city Economic and Community Development Department, with the assistance of Progressive Community Development Initiatives, was granted authorization to submit an application for FY 2022 Community Development Block Grant Allocation Grant Program on behalf of the Commissioners to the Ohio Department of Development.

The eligible amount of the grant application can be up to $210,000.

The county will also apply for a Neighborhood Revitalization grant for up to $750,000

This article originally appeared on The Daily Jeffersonian: Culvert replacement and asbestos removal costs approved by county