Cullman County Detention officer charged with distributing marijuana

Aug. 28—A correctional officer at the Cullman County Detention Center is facing drug distribution charges following his arrest on Friday, Aug. 25.

"This is a day that's not pleasant for the sheriff's office. This is actually a day that we've got a black eye," Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry said during a press conference Monday morning, "But, the good thing about a black eye is that they heal."

Gentry said CCSO investigators began hearing "rumblings" roughly a month ago and following a brief investigation, arrested 28 year-old Terrance Darnell Kirkland for allegedly selling, roughly, $100 worth of marijuana to an undercover officer on Friday.

Kirkland has been serving as detention deputy since January 2022.

Gentry said there was no evidence of illegal contraband being distributed within the detention center, but said he felt "If you make the decision to sell marijuana ... even if it's out on the street, then I believe your moral decision would allow you to bring something into this facility."

Gentry said he shared his disappointment with Kirkland during his booking, but emphasized the CCSO's public responsibility to uphold the law even when dealing with his own staff.

"We believe in something so deep that if you do something wrong, even if you're a part of us, we're going to hold you accountable," he said.

Kirkland was detained over the weekend at the detention center. At a bond hearing Monday, Aug. 28, Kirkland's bond was set at $30,000 and he will have to wear an ankle monitor, according to the CCSO. As of press time, Kirkland was still being held.