Cuban attempts world record for most soccer touches

STORY: Location: Havana, Cuba

This former Cuban soccer player is trying to break a world record

for the most touches on the ball in an hour

[Erick Hernandez, Athlete]

“My specific strategy is the following: I control with the head, and I try to spend as much time as possible using the head as long as the ball doesn’t lift. If the ball lifts, it means I’m tired and then it drops to my feet. When I control (the ball) with my feet, I try not to make over 40 touches, so that I don’t lose time because touches with the feet put the ball higher. Then when my neck recovers, what I do is to lift the ball up again.”

Date: September 23, 2023

Hernandez put the ball in the air 12,237 times with different parts of his body

Three FIFA-category referees verified Hernandez’s feat

which will now be sent to the Guinness World Records for recognition

[Adrian Perez, Referee]

“To break the record, you have to make a lot of touches with the head as he did, because it is faster for that part of the body to control the ball. With the feet, the ball is affected by gravity and it delays a bit more. With the head is the only way to break the record.”