Crystal Technologies Delivering Exquisite Blockchain Products

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Crystal Technologies is an up and rising fintech firm that is headquartered in the capital of Estonia. This beautiful country is well known for its dramatic adoption of innovative technologies. Examples include the implementation of Estonian E-Residency, and a widespread embrace of Blockchain. Building on these strong technological foundations of Estonia, Crystal Technologies has proven its prestige through a host of well-developed products and services, which are warmly welcomed not only in the region, but also worldwide.

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Crystal Wallet

The most noticeable product of Crystal Technologies is its wallet application which is aptly named Crystal Wallet. The wallet supports BTC and ERC-20 tokens, featuring thoroughly thought-out design, and industry-standard security protections. The wallet also shows the current price of the cryptocurrencies against their fiat counterparts, making it all the more convenient for users to keep track of the crypto market with a single glance. Besides a conventional password, users can access and manage their app using biometric authentication such as fingerprint or FaceID. This clearly eases the user experience significantly, rendering it rather intuitive and hurdle free.

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The Crystal Wallet has been available on both Google Play and Apple Store for some time. This is quite a deed, because Apple is particularly picky with cryptocurrency-related apps. The ever stronger move towards decentralised currencies makes Crystal Wallet a killer application.

EUR- A Stablecoin

Stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrency which lessens the risk of price volatility. Indeed, it is not unusual to witness cryptocurrencies swinging north of 50% their value in a single day, not to mention their trading is 24/7 as opposed to the Forex and Commodities markets. Consequently, the necessity of temporarily exiting the market and taking refuge in stable, non-volatile assets arises. Nonetheless, crossing between the fiat world and the crypto world despite a considerable amount of efforts that has been committed to by the entire crypto community remains all but seamless. As such, a stable cryptocurrency backed by fiat or other stable assets comes as a rescue.

A majority of stablecoins in the market are pegged against the USD, such as USDT, TUSD, BUSD, USDC or DAI. EUR token, one the other hand, is pegged to the EURO, which self-evidently is an optimal choice for EU-based projects. This opens up a wide potential market for the token itself. Being built on ERC-20 standard, EUR guarantees transparency and low latency in transferring with a favorable cost of transfer compared to other competitors. As EU countries are becoming more open and welcoming with blockchain, especially crypto-currency, EUR token is undoubtedly gaining great traction in the very near future. Our sources reveal that Crystal Technologies has ambitious plans to the future of its EUR token. We are all thrilled to see what the future holds for this stablecoin.

RITVA - Introducing Broker and Beyonds

In early 2020, Crystal Technologies officially launched Ritva project, which is basically an FinTech-based investment platform. The project is initially managed by prestigious Introducing Brokers who are armed with extensive experiences and wide connections with the trading communities and exchanges worldwide. This grants the customers immediate access to the wide host of trading experts and their tools, touching a trillion-dollar market in an effortless manner. The one feature that makes Ritva standout is its transparency, which puts its customers' mind at ease and its business at scale.

As impressive as its take on IB activities is, Ritva has an even grander vision down the road. They are actively seeking investing in world-changing ideas. Their portfolio at this moment includes both EdTech and MedTech. In the wake of global pandemic which results in mass lockdown and economy shutdown, moving essential services from a physical world to the Internet becomes vital. Ritva’s take on EdTech and MedTech is not only ambitious but revolutionary. Should these enterprises come to fruition, they will offer the world powerful alternatives to conduct education and healthcare that are in many ways more advantageous than the current state of affairs. What email is to the good old post-offices, EdTech and MedTech shall be to schools and hospitals.

A source close to Ritva suggests they are also eyeing AgriTech, in the attempt to incorporate blockchain technology in agricultural supply chain and farm inventory. It remains unclear if, how and when they will come about tackling the agriculture sector, but it would not be of any surprise if they do. It’s rather refreshing to witness yet another enterprise starting out with a for-profit focus, then expanding their reach towards Education, Healthcare and Environment. Only time can tell how fruitful Ritva’s projects will be, but we can already tell how aspiring their story and vision are. And that is a good starting point for an enterprise.

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