A cruise employee toured the $52,699-a-week 'Ultimate Family Suite' on Wonder of the Seas and says it's '40 times' the size of his cramped room

  • A Royal Caribbean cruise staff member gained traction with a tour of the ship's most luxurious room.

  • The cabin, called the "Ultimate Family Suite," has a tall slide, a private jacuzzi, a TV, and more.

  • A spokesperson told Insider the room can go for upwards of $52,000 a week.

A cruise employee has gone viral with a video comparing typical crew quarters to a magnificent $52,699 mansion of a room called the "Ultimate Family Suite."

In the clip, which has been viewed over 1.3 million times since it was posted on October 11, cruise ship musician Bryan James gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the "Ultimate Family Suite," which is on the Royal Caribbean Cruises' Wonder of the Seas flagship boat.

James has over 780,000 followers and has posted about his life aboard cruise ships for years, documenting experiences like quarantining and celebrating Thanksgiving while at sea. He began working on cruise ships in 2017.

The "Ultimate Family Suite" is a sprawling complex with a private jacuzzi, a staircase that lights up and plays music like a piano, and a tall, curling slide that kids can use to get down from their elevated bedroom.

The room also boasts a massive private balcony with a jacuzzi, and "Ultimate Family Suite" guests also have a butler on call 24/7. For kids, there's a LEGO wall, an air hockey table, and a gaming nook.

But it's not cheap.

In the description, James wrote that he thought the room cost around $30,000 to book — but a spokesperson for Royal Caribbean told Insider that the suite actually goes for $52,699 for seven days for two adults, although price can fluctuate depending on the sailing date. The spokesperson said price jumps up to $55,219 for a family of four.

James said it's definitely the biggest room on the Wonder of the Seas, and posited that it's "the biggest room ever put on a cruise ship."

royal caribbean ultimate family suite
The "Ultimate Family Suite."SBW-Photo via Royal Caribbean

According to the boating info website CruiseMapper, the deluxe cabin measures 1,350 square feet, a far cry from the cramped quarters most crew stay in. James said the luxury suite is "40 times" bigger than his room.

James explained in a separate video that his room is a single share — a single bedroom with a shared bathroom. Each room has a twin bed, a tiny sink, and a collection of cabinets. Crew members not only live in small quarters, they're also subject to room inspections, where officers check "that you don't live in filth and that your life jacket is stored properly."

royal caribbean ultimate family suite
The room has a private jacuzzi.SBW-Photo via Royal Caribbean

An "Ultimate Family Suite" is available on Symphony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas, and Wonder of the Seas at the moment. The company's new Icon of the Seas cruise line, which is set to debut in 2024, boasts an "Ultimate Family Townhouse" and is going for as much as $75,000 a week.

Insider reached out to James for comment.

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